Re: GMenu, GAction and GtkBuilder

2013-10-01 13:07, Murray Cumming skrev:
Overall, I think we should take the unusual step of undeprecating Gtk::UIManager and friends in gtkmm before our stable release, even though the underlying C API is deprecated. Many C developers also seem to feel that the deprecation in GTK+ was rushed, but we had no response to requests to delay it. Hopefully things will be clearer for gtkmm 3.12.
I deprecated Gtk::UIManager and some other classes with commit Perhaps I'm supposed to have an opinion here, but I haven't. I just deprecated a lot of stuff in gtkmm that depends on deprecated stuff in gtk+, without thinking about the consequences. I assumed that the gtk+ developers would not deprecate any useful function, if there was no good alternative available.

If you come to the conclusion that some of the deprecations ought to be undone in gtkmm, I have no objection.


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