Re: keyboard events - for documentation

tor 2011-09-29 klockan 18:46 +0100 skrev lecas malecas:
> Its alright, better late than never :)

Hi again,

Now I've tested your example programs and looked at your description in
the .txt files. I think they can fit into the gtkmm tutorial after some
rework. But I don't decide myself.

The example on event propagation is especially interesting. I didn't
know that unhandled events are propagated to the parent widget. Or is it
the parent Gdk::Window? Is that described in gtkmm's or gtk+'s reference
documentation? Where?

I'm sure that you are aware that both the describing text and the source
code need further work. The text must be formatted as the DocBook xml
file gtkmm-tutorial-in.xml. The source code is not indented as
recommended for gtkmm code, and also in other respects it ought to be
more similar to the majority of the example programs in the tutorial.
(Gtk::VBox and Gtk::HBox are deprecated. Shall be replaced by Gtk::Box
or Gtk::Grid. Just to mention one detail.)
Are you willing to do any of this work yourself?

Where do you think this fits into the tutorial? A new chapter?

I know that the tutorial says that new contributions shall be sent to
the gtkmm mailing list, just as you've done. But I suggest that you file
a bug in Bugzilla, and attach your zip file (Product: gtkmm; Component:
documentation; Severity: enhancement).


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