Re: Questions and Problems With gtkmm and Visual C++ 2010

Reece Dunn wrote:
On 02/08/2010, Jim Orcheson <jim va3hj ca> wrote:
See below. In summary, one question/problem has been answered.

Reece Dunn wrote:
On 2 August 2010 12:51, Jim VA3HJ <va3hj va3hj ca> wrote:

I am attempting to use gtkmm with Visual C++ 2010. So far I have created
property sheet to match the contents in gtkmm-vc90-d-2_4.vsprops except
outlined in the problems and questions below:

1. How do I set AdditionalOptions="/vd2"? I have looked at each option in
the C/C++ section of the properties editor but don't see anywhere this
get set.

"C/C++ > Command Line" ?

Command Line shows all the options that would be on the compiler call.
It is read-only.

Below that there is an "Additional options:" label with a multi-line
text edit control below it. You can add items there. At least you can
on 2008.

Duh!!!!! I can't see what is in front of my face. Thanks.
2. When I attempt to compile the simple test program outlined in "Using
gtkmm with Microsoft Visual Studio" I get the following error:
/c:\gtkmm\gtk\2.0\lib\gdkmm-2.4\include\gdkmmconfig.h(5): fatal error
Cannot open include file: 'pangommconfig.h': No such file or directory
/pangommconfig.h is not one of the files included by the installer.

Is the path to Pango listed in the "C/C++ > General > Additional
Include Directories" section for the Configuration you are using?

Yes, but as I stated above, there is no pangommconfig.h file installed
by the installer.

What does the gtkmm documentation say about external libraries? Does
it say that you need to get (and build?) Pango separately when using
Windows/Visual Studio?
No, the problem was that I misspelled the filename when I did the search for it. There are also two include directories missing from gtkmm-vc90-d-2_4.vsprops so I didn't include them in the props sheet for vc 2010.

Now on to finding the missing libraries.

Thanks again. Jim
- Reece

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