Questions and Problems With gtkmm and Visual C++ 2010

I am attempting to use gtkmm with Visual C++ 2010. So far I have created a property sheet to match the contents in gtkmm-vc90-d-2_4.vsprops except as outlined in the problems and questions below:

1. How do I set AdditionalOptions="/vd2"? I have looked at each option in the C/C++ section of the properties editor but don't see anywhere this would get set.

2. When I attempt to compile the simple test program outlined in "Using gtkmm with Microsoft Visual Studio" I get the following error: /c:\gtkmm\gtk\2.0\lib\gdkmm-2.4\include\gdkmmconfig.h(5): fatal error C1083: Cannot open include file: 'pangommconfig.h': No such file or directory
/pangommconfig.h is not one of the files included by the installer.

3. Can I use the libraries compiled by/for VC++ 2008, or must they be rebuilt using VC++ 2010?


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