Re: [RE]what's the best IDE for gtkmm project development?

As I said before, I've used NetBeans for a long time. Especially for
me, I found some disadvantages. They are:
- much memory consumption than Eclipse and C::B
- much processor time consumption while building or auto-completion
- it parses projects for a long time
- it doesn't handle autotools well (6.5): I've tried to use with a
non-automated makefile (the wizard asked some questions about
autotools: configure, makefile path etc). But later, when I wanted to
rebuild the project it doesn't launch autoreconf with the old
arguments. They are --prefix, needed for debugging.

But, it has good advantages
- good, and probably the best auto-completion I've ever seen (it
parses even preprocessor definitions heavily used in GTK+ (even
private section))
- good-looking and code formatting.
- it can build packages, but I don't use them :-P

Yes, I like it to use even in C++ environment, but my computer (2.8
GHz HT + 1.5 Gb RAM) works slowly with all the disadvantages above :(

I also can suggest Anjuta, because of it's autotools integration, but
I don't like their GUI and some debugging things, so it's easier to
learn Autotools by yourself and use other IDEs (such as C::B)

2009/5/7 Damon Register <damon w register lmco com>:
> Fabri'cio Godoy wrote:
>> NetBeans is my choise. Between Anjuta, Code::Blocks and Eclipse the
>> NetBeans has much better autocompletion, code error detection etc.
> This creates an interesting question for me.  I have recently seen
> several discussions on development environment and it seems that
> NetBeans is a popular one.  A while ago I thought Eclipse was popular
> but I don't see it much in discussions now.  Has NetBeans moved ahead of
> Eclipse in popularity?  Does anyone here use Eclipse?  Any opinions?
> Damon Register
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