Re: Static builds

Paul Davis schrieb:
On Sun, 2008-03-16 at 20:10 +0100, Sebastian wrote:

1)    I'll have to carry around
   the program itself for all the operating systems used
  + the libs for all the operating systems used

there will be essentially no more code than if you do a static link,
except of course that you will get, for example, all of GTK+ rather than
just the parts you use. one way or another, your "distribution" has to
contain everything your app needs; its either statically linked *into*
the binary, or it sits "next to it" as "private shared libraries".

  + some working script like the one above for all operating systems used,

the script will be more or less identical on most systems.

Agreed. But it's not very handy for some users.

 which is a no go.

2)   This is the wrong list for this question :-)

probably true.

Thanks for your answers.
It's said that I have to use Qt to achieve such a simple thing. The suggested method and it's result is simply not what I can hand out to customers.

I remember this question was asked some month ago by someone else to and I guess there many more programmers searching for a great lib like this to use for simple static builds, who just don't ask, but decide to use something else.

Thanks again,


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