Re: Compilation under Windows

On Tue, 04 Mar 2008 11:58:48 -0500 Bruce Sherwood wrote:
> Here is a document that may be of interest not only to you but also to 
> the wider gtkmm community:

I found that very useful. I recently tried to build one of my GTKmm apps on Windows using Dev-Cpp. The GTK stuff was all good, but I found a few gotchas:

 - Dev-Cpp doesn't seem to cope with recognising file types. It tried to build the plain C files as C++, which not surprisingly didn't work. There's an option tucked fairly well away to select the type per-file.

 - My app uses serial ports through a g_io_channel (yes, the plain C API), which needs some changes before it works on Windows.

 - I have a serial comms configure dialog class that finds all available serial ports by scanning the contents of /dev. Fairly obviously this won't work on Windows (and actually wouldn't even compile).

 - Windows does not have usleep

 - Windows does not have all the calls I use to obtain login information

It may be that somebody can suggest a platform-independent alternative to those last three?

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