Re: Compilation under Windows

Here is a document that may be of interest not only to you but also to the wider gtkmm community:

These notes give a lot of details gleaned from diverse sources on what is required to create a gtkmm build environment on Windows. Your case may be simpler than mine, as it involves OpenGL and Boost, but many of the issues are general ones (the context is VPython, a 3D Python programming environment).

The attempt was successful but was incredibly effortful. The great complexity of the approach has led to retreating to implementing lightweight machinery for creating windows and handling mouse and keyboard events on Windows and Mac, while continuing to use the gtkmm approach as the natural environment for Linux.

However, it should be mentioned that some of the difficulties described in this document are present on Linux as well. For example, at this time, gtkglext and gtkglextmm are not standard components of gtk and gtkmm, and even on the popular Ubuntu 7.10 there is no package for gtkglextmm, nor does a simple configure/make of the source code work, for some unknown reason.

I want to express my gratitude for the large amount of work by dedicated people to produce and maintain the many open-source tools described in the document. What seems to be needed as the next step in these developments is better support, documentation, and integration of these tools on Windows and Macintosh.

Bruce Sherwood

Petr Hracek wrote:
Hello *,

I've successfuly build some programs under linux Fedora 7 and 8
and I would like to build these applications under the Windows.

Could you please help me what will be neccessary to donwload?
I've already downloaded MinGW.

What are other steps?
How shall I build these application?


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