Re: [gst-devel] Gstreamer with C++

> I don't think inheriting from gstbase base classes is possible yet 
> (because these base classes haven't been wrapped yet), but it is one of 
> the things that is planned to make possible in the near future.  There 
> are a few things that we are trying to complete before we focus on this 
> completely (like a generic c++ iterator based on the GstIterator) but we 
> are definitely planning to wrap these base classes (both the core and 
> base ones) if it is something that will be useful.  Stay informed on the 
> gtkmm list and feel free to ask questions there.
> CCing the gtkmm list.

[continuing on  gtkmm-list] 
Do you anticipate it being possible to use elements written in c++ from
gstreamer pipelines in other languages (C, python, etc) ? I imagine the
dealing with the complexity of C++ name mangling, lifecycle complexity,
and ABI would make this difficult. 


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