Re: [gst-devel] Gstreamer with C++

Eric Jonas wrote:
[continuing on gtkmm-list] Do you anticipate it being possible to use elements written in c++ from
gstreamer pipelines in other languages (C, python, etc) ? I imagine the
dealing with the complexity of C++ name mangling, lifecycle complexity,
and ABI would make this difficult.

Yes I think this is right; I don't think it's possible to write GStreamer plugins in c++. The GstPlugin <> API explains (in the description) that a GstPluginDesc <> called "gst_plugin_desc" must be exported by the developer and then write the necessary plugin code. We would have to find a way to use a slot in the GstPluginDesc for the GstPluginInitFunc <> (a pointer to a plugin init function) and I'm not sure how we would go about this (partly because to start with we would need for the GstPluginInitFunc type to have an additional gpointer* parameter). Also, as you say, the gstreamermm library initialization and lifecycle of objects is something that we would most probably have to pay attention to. I've been thinking about all this a bit since you asked, and presently this doesn't seem possible, though I may think about it a bit more and make a definite determination later (God willing). Right now, I'd suggest not to plan on writing c++ plugins until this is made definite. Does this help?

José Alburquerque

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