Re: Text Entry Box - text alignment

On 2/20/07, Michael Fasolino <Michael_Fasolino raytheon com> wrote:


 I am using a Text Entry box (GtkEntry), and am trying to find a way to
align the text in such a way that when the text is longer than the entry box
can display, it will display the last part of the text and not the first.

 Specifically, I am allowing the user to enter in a file name (with path).
I also have a button to allow the user to create the "next" output file
(which adds an index to the existing file name).  My problem is that when I
hit the "Next" button the alignment of the text in the Entry Box slides to
the beginning of the file name, and thus all I am able to see is the
directory structure and not the file name.

 It seemed alining the text so the last part would be visible should be
possible, but I could not find how to do it anywhere in the documentation...
Is there something that I am missing?

 Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Would you be able to use FileChooserButton?  Or do you need it to be a
text entry?  FileChooserButton just shows the filename portion by
default, and I believe it was designed specifically for this sort of a

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