Re: New gtkmm24.2.6.9-2.fc4.i386

Alberto Chiodi wrote:
This is the question:
Yesterday night (Italy time) I updated my system FC4 and yum processed new files (with the new kernel 2.6.17...). Yum stopped the update with the message of missing dependency: library is need by Gparted program.

Hi Alberto,

Yup, it's all my fault. I temporarily broke the FC-4 yum update for gtkmm-related package. I did a routine upgrade from gtkmm 2.6.5 to gtkmm 2.6.9, not realizing right away that an entire so library went away. Because of the way RPM works, this caused all gtkmm-dependent packages to fail to upgrade.

Note that everything is fixed now (as of 2 days ago). There's only one package that still needs to be rebuilt (wp_tray), but all the other ones (Gparted, inkscape, regexxer, ..) are fixed, so if you do a 'yum update' it should fix everything. It if doesn't, you might be using an out-of-date repository mirror...

More on the topic, does anyone one what happened to in 2.6.9 ?


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