New gtkmm24.2.6.9-2.fc4.i386


Excuse me but I have a little problem with yum update and dependencies of your library.
(I don't know if the problem is related only with "extra" rpm repositories.... )

I think that it isn't really a bug so, because I'm only an end-user of linux and not a programmer or developer of linux, I prefer contact you and not subscribe a new bug.
It' s only a "post it" that I write for you because I cannot see anything on the net by "linuxian" community about this my (?) new problem.

This is the question:
Yesterday night (Italy time) I updated my system FC4 and yum processed new files (with the new kernel 2.6.17...).
Yum stopped the update with the message of missing dependency: library is need by Gparted program.
I thought that there was a problem (?) in the new files, so I tried to uninstall Gparted (actually I haven't necessity to use it).
After these, I began a new update and yum worked well. (and..... on my sistem (I use gnome), actually all seem work well).
But when, at the end I tried to reinstall Gparted, yum refused to do it with a message about the necessity of the library
Now, today mornig I searched answers on the net  and I saw that this library ( is part of gtkmm24 package.
I tried to install devel package of gtkmm24 with the hope that this library was in it, but it isn't so.
So, I don't know if this library is too old for the evolution of the Linux sistem or other.....
....but I think that there is a misunderstanding from this new packages  "gtkmm24.2.6.9-2.fc4.i386" that now doesn't contain (unlike older release) or from Gparted program that yet needs this library.

Actually I' haven't no problem on my sistem (except that I won't can use Gparted in the future....) I haven't any necessity of "urgent" assistance........I'm only waiting for new updates.......
.....I only hope I make myself useful for Linux development.
Excuse me for my scholastic english.

Best regards

Alberto Chiodi

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