Re: printing on win32

Well, i don't know how to do it!!  and as I'm programming a software which will be available on linux and windows so using Windows API won't be a good solution.

2006/4/7, Jonathon Jongsma < jonathon jongsma gmail com>:
On 4/7/06, Mickael Drean < mickael drean gmail com> wrote:
> Well if cairo is able to print, does cairomm too?
>  thank for the informaton.
>  Mick

Cairo doesn't 'print' per se.  It's capable (or will be capable) of
outputting graphics in a format (i.e. postscript) that can be sent to
a printer.  Postscript output is still experimental, however, and it
won't be fully supported until the 1.2 release (supposedly coming out
in the next month or so).  But cairo doesn't provide a way for you to
actually get the postscript output to the printer.  For that you still
need a printing framework (i.e. the windows API or the
under-development GTK printing API that murray mentioned earlier).


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