Re: Figuring out wrapping errors

У чет, 06. 04 2006. у 17:17 +0200, Murray Cumming пише:
> On Thu, 2006-04-06 at 15:05 +0200, Marko Anastasov wrote:
> > I've been looking (well, there only convert_gtk.m4 and *.hg
> > to look at, right?), but can't find it. When I comment that
> > function out, it passes. And there is eg
> > 
> > void add_custom(RecentFilterFlags needed, const SlotCustom& slot)
> > 
> > which doesn't complain.
> If you don't solve it, just leave that method commented out, and I will
> look at it when I review the patch.

I was just reading gtkrecentmanager source, and seeing that when
there is a function that returns some GtkType*, telling myself
that it can't go automatically but that there's gotta be a
_CONVERSION somewhere... and then I remembered that this function
_returns_ this enum, so that was the solution.

Actually you were telling me this earlier:

> (...) The _CONVERSION() macros in tools/m4/convert_gtk.m4 tell it
> how to do this. You need to add one. Or in this case, I think
> there is a special macro there fore enums. (...)

but that last sentence made me think that _WRAP_ENUM() is enough.
So, not when it appears as a return type (which you couldn't know
as I haven't posted the src).

Ok now :).


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