RE: glademm

> The question to ask yourself is, is libglademm relly that bad? I used to
> work with Delphi, where code was generated for me and I filled in the stubs,
> just like glademm, the slight change of mindset (glademm -> libglademm) was
> troublesome, but you just have to get stuck in and work the way the rest of
> the Gnome community does (where they have good reason of course).
> Try not to let sentiments such as "well, I always worked that way on
> Windows" stop you from using gtk/glade.

I NEVER worked in windows. The one time they tried to make work in windows
I convinced the system managers to let me install linux, and I convinced
my boss that it was better for everybody to let me spend 1 week doing the
work in linux + 2 weeks porting it to windows, rather than spend 3 months
doing it directly in windows. 

And libglademm is not bad, of course, but it seems I still have to connect
the widgets to signals, myself. Glademm does all that. This is the main
reason I prefer glademm. Also, I feel better if I have the whole
code in front of me. Otherwise, I don't mind deriving the widgets myself
as I'm supposed to with libglademm. I only looked at the link Murray
posted so
I may be wrong though. 

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