RE: glademm

> >It's an ordeal. You got to figure, if glademm hasn't been 
> included in FC4 extras, there
> >must be a reason for that. The glademm project seems dead. 
> I'm trying to
> >rally a few good men to give it a jump start. I can't 
> imagine I'm the only
> >one left using glademm, and I can't do any gui programming 
> without a gui
> >builder, and I insist in doing it in C++. If I can't get it 
> to compile,
> >I'll have to move to qt or fltk. 
> >
> >
> >  
> >
> no your not the only one I'm the same

The question to ask yourself is, is libglademm relly that bad? I used to
work with Delphi, where code was generated for me and I filled in the stubs,
just like glademm, the slight change of mindset (glademm -> libglademm) was
troublesome, but you just have to get stuck in and work the way the rest of
the Gnome community does (where they have good reason of course).

Try not to let sentiments such as "well, I always worked that way on
Windows" stop you from using gtk/glade.

It's the same story with IDE managed projects and Autotools really. Anyway,
it is from where I am sitting now, hopefully my experience of the transition
will be of value to you.


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