Re: [gtkmm] Is Gtkmm stable and mature on Win32?

pallucchini roberto <r palluk virgilio it> writes:

> hi folk's,
> i'm not an expert developer, i'm a rookie :-) 
> i'm a computer technician and OS expert and few month ago i've decided
> to start for learn to programming. 
> I mean there aren't a question, qut 2 questions!
> Java is better? or C / C++?
that depends on your tastes. C++ is the most powerful of these three

> next, what library is better to learn??
> Java is ok (my first choose), is multiplatform and web oriented, is good
> to develop client/server programs and applications for Application
> server. Well, but it isn't good for make system programs, daemons or
> other things like it! all the kernels and OS is C / C++ !!
Kernels need direct access to the memory, i/o ports which Java doesn't 
offer. There are also other aspects of cause.
> Next, if you choose Java, what library i want to use? SWT or Swing?
Swing is slow but is claimed to be more portable. You can also use
java-gtk - Gtk+ bindings for Java, it is part of Java-GNOME project.

> for C/C++ WxWidgets or Gtk+/Gtkmm???
> WxWidgets is very good and very complete library... Gtkmm haven't all
> the kinds of toolkit than WxWidget!
What do mean by that? AFAIK wxWidget have several backends and gtk is
among them.

> But why the experts prefere Gtkmm??
> I have installed into my pc a suse 9.1 and i seen both the library are
> installed! wxWidget for a program only!! why??? ;-((
and this I don't understand too, explain please.

> ok, i have choose:
> C++ because if i need to make a system program i can, the program is
> very quickly and is however multiplatform.
Multiplatform - as long as you will not use system dependent features.

> Gtkmm is only a wrapper than gtk+. The performance is better than
> wxwidgets and i think is better supported and updated.
There are others, but gtkmm is part of official GNOME platform bindings.

With best regards, Max Vasin
        JID: maxvasin jabber ru
        ICQ: 276438891

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