[gtkmm] Is Gtkmm stable and mature on Win32?


I am new to cross-platform GUI toolkits. However, there is a new project at work which will give me the opportunity to learn one. I need to make a design choice among gtkmm, Qt and WxWidgets. I have taken a superficial look at each of them and, as a C++ programmer, I must say I have felt inclined toward gtkmm. I was pleased to see a design where language features are exploited instead of relying on ugly and old-fashioned hacks.

All in all, I was very close to having a final decision and driving my learning efforts toward gtkmm. There is only one issue which I need to clear up before doing so: I read on some forum posts and articles reviewing GUI toolkits, that one of gtkmm's weak points was that it was faulty or unstable under Win32. Since the percentage of Win32 users in the target public of the application in question is relatively high (about 75%), that issue deserves special attention. So, I seek some facts and advice in order for me to be able to make a good design decision.

Thank you very much,

Ney André de Mello Zunino

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