[gtkmm] notebook pages / widgets in notebook-page are not hidden


i've a notebook with several pages.
it's a glade/glademm project, and the glademm generated code shows all
pages at program startup.

in my constructor i hide all pages again. (iterating over all pages and
calling Notebook::get_nth_page(n)->hide() )

on the user's action i decide to show pages again, so i call
on one or more pages.

the result is, that after a simulatious show() of 2 pages, the widget's
in one page overlap the widget's of the other page, as all widgets are visible.

after a manual change of the current notebook-page from the user,
everything showw up as expected.

i have the feeling that my calling of Notebook::get_nth_page(n)->hide()
does not the same, as when the user selects another page.

any hints what i can do here?


Florian Schmidt			      schmidt_florian gmx de 
GCS d? s+: a-- C++++ UL+++ P--- L+++ E W- N+ o+ K++ w--- O-
M-- V- PS+ PE Y PGP- t++ 5- X+ R- tv+ b+ DI D G e+ h+ r-- y?

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