Re: Changing the graph color at run time

Hi Nisha,

I see no reason why this should not work in principle.


a) To me (not knowing your application) it seems a little strange that you want to put each graph into a different box? Your introduction sounds different.

b) If p and i are shared among the threads, you need some thread synchronization. Otherwise you could have situations where i does not stay the same during that code sequence



nisha jain wrote:
Hi All,
I would like to change the color of signals at run time also
i want to draw signals on gtk data box at run time.
I am not sure how should i do it? I am using following
code to currently draw the signals on the gtk data box
where the p is a structure array containing the GtkColor and
graph as the memmbers..
p[i]-> = 65535;
  p[i]-> = 65535;
  p[i]-> = 0;
p[i]->graph = gtk_databox_lines_new (POINTS, p[i]->signalX_acc, p[i]->signalY_acc, &p[i]->color, 1);
  gtk_databox_graph_add(GTK_DATABOX (box[i]), p[i]->graph);
when i tried to move this in a thread at run time i am getting run time exceptions
I am not sure if i can do it or not?
Thanks and Regards,


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