Re: IMP question about gtkdatabox

Hi Nisha,

see basics.c and basics2.c in the examples. One uses the high level functions like gtk_databox_create_box_with_scrollbars_and_rulers, the other uses the elementary functions.



nisha jain wrote:
Hi All,
I am having a problem using gtkdatabox in my application i used the older version of API gtk_databox_create_box_with_scrollbars_and_rulers for creating boxes but i need a seperate data box to display as it is creating composite boxes so any property for example if i change color of graph, all boxes it gets changed so i found following API gtk_databox_new which i am trying to use.I am not sure how i can get cross bars using gtk_databox_cross_simple_new () API in case if I create a databox using -- gtk_databox_new () API.. Please if some one has example using gtk_databox_new () API let me know ? Regards,


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