Re: An introspection fix & a Gtk3 test

On 14.09.2013 21:15, Brian Manning wrote:

These two changes look good to me.  Thanks, Zach.

I've added these two changes to my personal repos [1][2] on GitHub for
further review.

It looks like the authorship information for the changes was lost in
your repositories, Brian.  If you use 'git am' or 'git merge', this
information should be preserved.  You can also manually change the
author with 'git commit --amend --author "..."', I think.

I also tentatively bumped the required version of
Glib::Object::Inspection in Gtk3 to be 0.016, which would correspond
to the next release of G:O:I.  If anyone else wants to pick up these
changes, you will need to get both modules, and build and install a
new copy of G:O:I first prior to building Gtk3.

I don't think it's good to require a version that doesn't exist yet, as
that makes it hard to test a git checkout.  I usually handled this with
a simple "FIXME" comment in Gtk3's 'dist.ini' that I later acted upon
when rolling a new release.

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