Best way to compile with CPAN Glib?

I am the author of Marpa::XS, a general BNF parser generator, available on CPAN.  Marpa::XS is based on a C library which uses GNU glib for many things.  Marpa::XS uses the CPAN Glib to make sure GNU glib is installed and to otherwise make sure the Perl-to-glib interface is OK.

What is the correct, supported way for me to get the information to compile my XS code with Glib?  Should I be getting the compile and load arguments/flags from ExtUtils::Depends?  (In case it is relevant, Marpa::XS's installation is based on Module::Build, many of whose functions it overloads.)

Also, I need to ensure that the version of GNU glib is greater than or equal to 2.22.0.  Is Glib->CHECK_VERSION( 2, 22, 0 ) the right way to do this?

Thanks, jeffrey kegler

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