Re: Best way to compile with CPAN Glib?

On 14.03.2012 17:39, Jeffrey Kegler wrote:
What is the correct, supported way for me to get the information to
compile my XS code with Glib?  Should I be getting the compile and load
arguments/flags from ExtUtils::Depends?

Using ExtUtils::Depends should work fine, yes. But if you don't actually use any of the Perl bindings that CPAN Glib provides, then you could also use ExtUtils::PkgConfig directly to find the necessary information about C glib, like CPAN Glib does in its Makefile.PL.

Also, I need to ensure that the version of GNU glib is greater than
or equal to 2.22.0.  Is Glib->CHECK_VERSION( 2, 22, 0 ) the right way
to do this?

This function is a thin wrapper around the GLIB_CHECK_VERSION macro, which checks against the compile-time version. But if you need to ensure that you are actually running with a glib >= 2.22.0, then check against Glib::major_version, Glib::minor_version and Glib::micro_version as described in `perldoc Glib::version`. (Unfortunately, we don't seem to wrap glib_check_version yet).

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