Re: [Patch] MinGW support for Glib-Object-Introspection

The patch is looking pretty good now.  A few remaining things:

On 27.06.2012 15:01, Martin Schlemmer wrote:
I made all the changes discussed against HEAD with the following additions:
- Link GIMarshallingTests against Gio-2.0 and remove Glib-2.0. This is similar
   to all gobject-introspection versions I looked at (as far back as 0.10.8) and
   also fix the Gobject-2.0 dependency problem on Win32.

Sounds good.

- Add OPTIMIZE to CFLAGS for the tests, fixing problems with some Glib's use
   of atomic intrinsics and not specifying a suitable -march depending on

Hrm, so every MSWin32 user would need to pass a correct OPTIMIZE flag to Makefile.PL. Is there no better way? Why does glib's pkg-config file not list the necessary cflags?

- The setting of PATH for the tests works with Dmake now at least.

Do you have the possibility to test with nmake/cl?

+      # XXX: G-O-I defaults to CC=cc
+      $ENV{CC} = 'gcc' if (!defined $ENV{CC});

On Unix, people usually symlink 'cc' to their preferred compiler, so that using 'cc' in code is fine. Does it not work like this on MSWin32?

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