Re: Misbehaving Gtk2::Ex::Simple::Lists

On Wed, 27 Jun 2012 08:51:27 -0700 (PDT)
Aaron Lewis <alewis1970 yahoo com> wrote:

The enclosed script displays a Gtk2::Ex::Simple::List. The list contains too much data to display in the 
window, so there's a scroller.
1. Annoyingly, the scrollbar scrolls the column titles, as well as the data. How do I stop the column titles 
from scrolling away?
(I've seen Gtk2 applications written in C that don't behave in this way, so I'm sure it can be done!)

Hi, for the Title scrolling problem, don't use a viewport.

#  $scroller->add_with_viewport($list);
should be

For the column editable problem, the perldoc says that it works for text
 # simple way to make text columns editable
    $slist->set_column_editable ($col_num, TRUE);

So I believe you will have to go up in the object heirarchy to
the Treeview widget, figure out how to detect the column, then
set the state to "insensitive". Thats my quick guess.


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