Re: Popup menu for Gtk2::Entry

Thank you, these replies are very helpful:

> Populate-popup
That is precisely what I have been looking for: the second argument of the callback is the menu. However, creating a new MenuItem and appending it to the menu does not have the expected result - I will need to do some more digging, but that is a good start).

> Reference to C documentation, Python ...
Very good advice - would merit to figure somewhere at a conspicuous place (such as the perl Gtk2 man page, maybe add a short paragraph plus a visible title on Documentation)

> Tutorials
Like probably everybody in this situation, I have collected a long list of references. The problem is, they talk all about the same evident things, and all keep very silent on what you really are looking for.

Examples: (1) find out about the existence of signal_handler blocking / unblocking - I had guessed something like that would exist, but discovering it was another thing - maybe the look-at-C approach would have been helpful. (2) the role of the "background-full-height" property in textview tags - easy to guess, but does not work for me, might even be a bug. I will make a separate post on that.

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