Re: Popup menu for Gtk2::Entry

Juergen Harms wrote:
Hallo - I am new to this list, just discovering perl Gtk, trying to get
educated by porting code from a perl Tk application.

Question: How can I find the popup menu fo entry widgets (bound to the
right button?) - a default menu exists, comes up like a charm.

I don't know how to do this, but I'll have a look later if nobody else
answers your question first.

PS: finding documentation is a frustrating business (my dexterity in
googling grows more rapidly than my knowledge about perl). Is there an
activity around gtk-perl where the "naivity" of newby users can be made
to contribute the documentation?

I believe the philosophy with the Perl Gtk2 docs was to not repeat
anything that is already documented in the C interface (to save both
initial effort and ongoing maintenance labour). So your basic strategy
is to pretend you are writing the program in C and figure out roughly
what your approach would need to be. Then go to the perl Gtk2 docs to
discover any specific points that differ. And probably repeat at least
once for detailed information.

You can improve on that strategy in a couple of ways:

- there are various tutorials and code examples. If you're lucky, you'll
find one that's relevant. There are links in the archive of this list.

- Python adopted a different documentation strategy. Their docs are
easier to comprehend, because they contain more of the material that is
the same in C. And their bindings are similar enough to the Perl
bindings that you can learn useful things by studying their documentation.

You should also be aware that the development focus has now moved to
Gtk3, which has a somewhat different approach, I believe. I haven't yet
used it myself, so you'd need to ask elsewhere for advice.

HTH, Dave

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