Re: ExtUtils::PkgConfig test failures on OpenBSD

On Dec 7, 2012, at 6:49 PM, Brian Manning wrote:

Hi all,

Devs with CPAN access to Gtk2-Perl modules have probably been
receiving test failure reports for ExtUtils::PkgConfig on OpenBSD
similar to this one [1].

I had some tuits last night and dug into the problem.  You know that
old joke that about your job being replaced with a Perl script?  Well,
on OpenBSD, the pkg-config binary from [2] actually
has been replaced with a Perl script [3].  The OpenBSD Perl script
rewrite of the pkg-config binary is not honoring the --max-version
command line switch, which causes one of the tests for this switch in
ExtUtils::PkgConfig to fail.

I just spotted the actual bug in their Perl pkg-config replacement,
and will submit a patch shortly.

My question here is, is the noise from this test worth adding a SKIP
case for the tests in ExtUtils::PkgConfig on OpenBSD, or can we/should
we just ignore the test failures until it's fixed upstream?

Once deployed, any random software will tend to live forever.  If it's easy to detect and skip, then be nice. 
 If not, then the stock answer will be "upgrade your pkg-config."




Yvonne: Let's do that one again so i can win.
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