Re: Is there anyone out there?

On Wed, May 13, 2009 at 2:39 PM, Cowley Harris <warewolfe gmail com> wrote:
Hi all,

A Âfew things,

1) Is this project still going? ÂDoesn't seem to be much (any) emails
coming through on the mailing list.
The list is not too verbose, but it is alive.

I'm migrating from Perl-Tk because it seems like a dying project. If
this project is in a similar state could somebody please turn off the
lights so others like myself don't end up wasting time working through
the tutorials,

2) If the Gtk2-perl project still has some life in it, what work is
ongoing for the tutorial? It seems to stop half-way through it. I've
emailed the two guys listed a few days ago, one email seems defunct,
the other is yet to reply. The tutorial is based on the C version that
is about 6-7 years old.
If I'm not mistaken the C tutorial is not too far developed neither. But other alternatives are available! Perlmonks has a lot of examples using Gtk2. CPAN has a lot of modules and some programs using Gtk2. A lot of CPAN bundles come with examples, Gtk2 also does. Some of us hang in the IRC channel.

3)If work is still ongoing on the tutorial, is there a date for an
update?, If not, does anybody mind if I continue where the others left
off? Who would I contact to send an updated version?

4)The last notice said that the project has been switch to svn.
However svn has been depreciated on sourceforge. Is there a plan to
change to git?
The project is hosted in gnome's git repository.

Emmanuel Rodriguez

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