Re: Can't install on OSX Tiger

On Tue, May 12, 2009 at 8:08 PM, Brian McKee <brian mckee gmail com> wrote:
I would like to install gtk2 on Tiger, but when I do so thru CPAN it
fails the vast majority of the tests.

The link you posted in your previous e-mail recommends "Imendio" over
using MacPorts.  Which way are you trying to do it, via MacPorts or
Imendio?  How are you fitting Gtk2-Perl from CPAN into all of this?

If you need to paste stuff, try a pastebin[1].

For what it's worth, I've compiled MacPorts p5-gtk2-perl on ppc/x86
Tiger and x86 Leopard with no issues. It does use the X11 libs
however, which I have installed anyways because I like to forward X
apps around.



[1] or

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