Re: GtkBindingSet etc

muppet <scott asofyet org> writes:

$ svn add newfile

Ah, unlike cvs where that needs commit privs ...

If the priority enumeration is really just a set of markers in a
continuous (well, for integers) number space,

0 to 15 is the intended range, there's constants for 6 of them.

then we probably want
traditional perl constants instead of enum strings.

Ah, yeah, in the style of G_PRIORITY_whatever.  It'd be friendly and
enum-like to accept 'application' as a value though.  Maybe both could
be ok, but at the risk of creating a style which appliction funcs
couldn't also take, etc.

"clear" is deprecated, so not binding it is probably best.

If it's different it might have some value.  But might leave it out to

You have noinit => 1 in the args for TestHelper, followed immediately
by "use Gtk2 -init".

Thanks, that's a typo.  I think I put it in while wrestling with why
Gtk2::Rc wasn't making bindingsets.

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