Re: GtkBindingSet etc

Kevin Ryde wrote:
I was contemplating having some key or mouse bindings vaguely
configurable by putting them through a GtkBindingSet thingie.  Has
anyone used that much?  It's not wrapped is it (or just well hidden)?

No, the whole GtkBinding thing is not wrapped. Mainly because we had no experience using it and because we didn't know whether it would be useful.

There don't seem to be any GTypes associated with the various GtkBinding types, so wrappers would need to do a bit more work than usual to convert them to and from Perl types. There also seems to be a lot of namespace trampling going on (function prefixes don't match their first argument's type), so care would have to be taken in deciding how to represent those functions in Perl land.

But maybe you just need a small subset of this API that can be wrapped easily?

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