Re: GtkBindingSet etc

Torsten Schoenfeld <kaffeetisch gmx de> writes:

There don't seem to be any GTypes associated with the various
GtkBinding types,

Oh, yep, not even a boxed thingie.  That's a bit unfortunate.

There also seems to be
a lot of namespace trampling going on

Ah yeah.  gtk_bindings_activate() and gtk_bindings_activate_event() just
about belongs as a GtkObject methods.  That'd be ok though would it,
nothing too evil could come from say



But maybe you just need a small subset of this API that can be wrapped

Yes, that'd be all I'd think to start.  by_class() to find, add_signal()
to fill defaults, then activate() on an object and/or the bindingset
itself to dispatch.  Is there more normally needed?  Ignore the strange
widget_path_pspecs and other fields to start.

In fact I wonder if you set the default bindings by parsing an "RC"
string if just the object activate funcs could work, with GtkBindingSet
not wrapped at all.

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