Re: Patch for GtkEntry 2.16 (incomplete)

muppet wrote:
Looks like we'll have to have a go at GIcon over in Glib before these can be added. I'll have a look at that this evening, time permitting.

Our policy has previously been "don't bind stuff for which there is
already equivalent or more popular support in perl", but i think GIO may bend that rule somewhat. It's more of an abstract IO framework than a replacement for file handles. Any opinions?

I think gio bindings would be good to have. But I resolved not to manually wrap a new library (which gio basically is) anymore and instead spend those tuits on getting the introspection stuff up and running.

I think getting usable gio bindings this way is within reach, it might even work already with current gobject-introspection and its gio typelib, and the stuff described on <>. gobject-introspection is not yet in a state that warrants making our Glib module depend on it, so my idea was (and is) to write a small Perl clone of the girepository API for accessing the typelib. Coupled with the code described on <>, this should yield a usable prototype.

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