Patch for GtkEntry 2.16 (incomplete)


I didn't managed to add all the new methods of GtkEntry. It was harder
than what I though as the widget has been greatly modified! The
introduction of a new Gtype (GIcon) and a new Enum got me struggling
for a while...

I managed to solve the Enum problem by creating a new typemap file for
2.16. But I can't fix the GIcon issue. The icon modifications use a
GIcon from Gio, as far as I know we don't even have Gio in the perl
bindings. The bindings are incomplete because I couldn't add:

Can someone help me on this one?

Otherwise the new methods have been added with unit tests.

PS: In GTK 2.16, an entry can now act as a progress bar and can accept
icons at the begging and/or at the end (similar to the search text
field in firefox).

Emmanuel Rodriguez

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