Re: Patch for GtkOrientable et GtkEntry (again) 2.16

Emmanuel Rodriguez wrote:
I've resubmitted GtkEntry, because I realized that svn diff doesn't take into a count the files that it doesn't know (the ones svn status lists with '?'). This new version adds the typemap for 2.16.

Great work! Especially the exhaustive unit tests. I've committed your GtkEntry patch with a few small modifications:

• Removed trailing whitespace and adjusted indentation in GtkEntry.t.

• Fixed one skip count.

• Adjusted the version checks to check for 2.15.0 for now so that your code is actually compiled and tested; we'll change the checks once 2.16.0 is out.

• Fixed one test failure I encountered: the first get_icon_sensitive test in test_icon_methods yields FALSE for me; I redid it to first call set_icon_sensitive similarly to your get_icon_activatable test.

• Changed the floating point tests to use delta_ok() from Gtk2/pm/

These changes will probably cause merge conflicts for you.  Sorry.

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