Re: Volunteers for wrapping new API?

Emmanuel Rodriguez wrote:
I can give it a try as the weekend is arriving and it's cold outside
;) I don't have the most recent version of GTK nor perl Gtk2. I'm
using the stock versions provided by Ubuntu 7.10, which is not even
the most recent Ubuntu! I have a few questions:

I hope that this is the right way for sending the patches for the next
release of Gtk2. I will reply to the best of my knowledge to my own
questions, please correct me if there's a better answer. I hope that
this will help all new comers willing to contribute.

Thanks for tackling this, and thanks for writing down your experience!

muppet already answered most of your points.  I'll just add:

I tried to use jhbuild but it didn't work, so I had to install the
Gtk2 libraries over the existing ones :(

Support in jhbuild for our modules would be nice, but doesn't exist yet.

I have attached a first patch for GtkCellView. Tomorrow I will
continue with the other widgets excluding the StatusIcons which found
already a supporter.

Please coordinate with csincock to avoid duplicate work.

To compile and test it's faster to specify the files to build than to
do "make". Calling make without arguments will rebuild everything, at
least it did so on my system. That's very long and annoying.

Once everything was completely built, calling 'make' should just recompile the touched XS files, unless you also modify the Makefile or Makefile.PL. If this doesn't work for you then there's a bug somewhere.

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