Updated Gtk2-Perl docs available


I'd like to announce that updated Gtk2-Perl documentation is now
available for viewing and downloading at

Note that there are now two different sets of documentation posted, a
set generated with Marek::Pod::HTML (what's been posted on the website
previously, but with some minor stylesheet tweaks) and another set
created with Pod::ProjectDocs. However, the downloadable version of
Marek::Pod::HTML doesn't include the tweaked stylesheet, you'll have
to download that from the website and correctly munge your filesystem
paths if you want it :)

Going forward, the plan is to keep the Marek::Pod::HTML-style
documentation as the "official" documentation, and then move towards
making all of the documentation available via the CPAN website instead
of on the Gtk2-Perl website.

Please let me know if you have any questions about the above.



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