OOP Help, Accessing variable from within same class.

Hi All,

I am displaying a screen/dialog when a menu item is clicked.

When the menu item is clicked the following code is executed:
sub on_setup_sources_activate
    my $model = ClassnModel::create_source_model;
    my $classfn_dialog = ClassificationDialog->new
                            "MODEL" => $model, 
                            "TITLE" => "Source Maintenance"

The package for the class appears as:
---------------- START OF PACKAGE --------------------
package ClassificationDialog;

my $dialog_builder = Gtk2::Builder->new;

sub new

    my($class) = shift;
    my(%params) = @_;
        "MODEL" => $params{"MODEL"},
        "TITLE" => $params{"TITLE"}
    }, $class;


sub show

    $dialog_builder->add_from_file ("../../gui/DialogClassificationSetup.ui");
    # Get dialog from widget tree.
    my $dialog = $dialog_builder->get_object('dialog_classfn_setup');

    # Set title Works:
    #$dialog->set_title("Here is the title");
    # Display dialog



sub get_title
    my ($self) = @_;
    return $self->{"TITLE"};

---------------- END OF PACKAGE --------------------

I am using get_title as a bit of a hack at the moment because it worked in another class to get some member 
values.  However, would someone be able to to tell me how to directly access the TITLE value after the object 
has been created and this value initialised?

I was hoping to set the title with something similar to:

But this doesn't work as I don't really understand the syntax correctly or how to access the TITLE value.

Hope everyone had a great Xmas and is all set for the New Year celebrations.

Many thanks,


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