Re: Remove Multiple Rows from Gtk2::ListStore

Not sure if it is the "right" way to do it but it works for me.

Actually doesn't work unless I disconnect the model from the tree view before and after the removal.

So now I'm using the following:

        my $model = $tv_sources->get_model;
        my $selection = $tv_sources->get_selection;
        my @paths = $selection->get_selected_rows;

        # Disconnect tree view from data model.
        # Convert paths to row references
        my @rowrefs;
        foreach my $p (@paths)
            my $treerowreference = Gtk2::TreeRowReference->new ($model, $p);
            push (@rowrefs, $treerowreference);
        # Remove rows based on row references
        for (my $i = 0; $i < scalar(@paths); $i++)
            my $treerowreference = Gtk2::TreeRowReference->new ($model, $paths[$i]);
            my $path = $rowrefs[$i]->get_path;
            my ($iter) = $model->get_iter($path);


Prior to this removing 2 of the 3 rows in the treeview was working.  Adding 4 rows and then trying to remove 
each alternate row was producing strange results until adding the set_model(undef/$model) lines.

Again possibly not the best way to do it but *now* it seems to work correctly.

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