Re: The syntax of Gnome2::Canvas::Line?

Grant McLean wrote:
On Sun, 2008-06-15 at 14:36 -0700, walt wrote:
Many of my remaining questions are about perl, not about gtk, so where
would you go for advice when/if you can't understand the perl docs?

As far as asking questions goes, I'd heartily recommend Perl Monks.
It's perhaps not the world's most beautifully designed web site but
there are plenty of knowledgeable folk in many different timezones eager
to answer questions around the clock:
> ...

I just posted my first question there and by the time I finished fumbling
around with re-formatting and updating my question it already had three
long and thoughtful answers!  When I saw that number '3 replies' I just
assumed I had accidentally replied to myself instead of updating, but
no, there were three real replies.  I'm completely flabbergasted.

Feels like I've found a new home in the perl community.  I regret now
that I put off learning perl for so long just because I have a nerdy
friend who complained that he'd never written a single line of perl
without the reference manual propped open in front of the monitor :o)

Many thanks, guys!

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