Re: reparent a widget

if I use a Notebook widget and I hide the tabs, the result will be the same, no?
How can I control the tab that I want to show?



2008/5/29 Kenneth Swanson <kswanson watson wustl edu>:
muppet wrote:
anguila wrote:
Yes, but I can't create a new widget over them.. If I create a vbox in a
place I can't (i don't know how) create a new widget at the same place to
toggle with other widget. I know the visibility option, the idea is switch
with widgets, but if I can't create new widgets at the same spot i can't
hide those widgets.

Try this:

* create a new window
* put a vbox in it
* put a toggle button in vbox
* put a new vbox (vbox1) inside vbox, with some stuff inside
* put another new vbox (vbox2) also inside vbox, with different stuff inside
* set vbox1 visible
* set vbox2 !visible
* in the handler for the togglebutton's toggled signal, toggle the visible
properties of both vbox1 and vbox2.
* do *not* use show_all() on the toplevel window!

I've attached a script and glade file that does exactly this, for demonstration.


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