Re: The syntax of Gnome2::Canvas::Line?

On Sun, 2008-06-15 at 14:36 -0700, walt wrote: 
Many of my remaining questions are about perl, not about gtk, so where
would you go for advice when/if you can't understand the perl docs?

With regard to understanding references, there is a references tutorial
in the documentation that ships with Perl.  You can read it with this

  perldoc perlreftut

Or online here:

As far as asking questions goes, I'd heartily recommend Perl Monks.
It's perhaps not the world's most beautifully designed web site but
there are plenty of knowledgeable folk in many different timezones eager
to answer questions around the clock:

Chances are your question has been answered before, so you might find an
answer with Super Search:

Failing that, you can go to the 'Seekers of Perl Wisdom' section and
pose your question there:


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