Re: Release: Camelbox 2008.120.0145Z

On Tuesday 29 April 2008 11.27.22 you wrote:
A binary created with PAR::Packer would not take as long to install,
it's a "no install", copy, run, users love that. PAR and strawberry have been 
life savers on windows (and camelbox is cool too).

I switched 'perl.exe' with 'wperl.exe' in your batch file.
done, works fine now.

 If I put the bat file on my desktop, the application doesn't start. a
black window flashes an that's all.
Probably a path missing somewhere in your batch file.
Strawberry was first in %PATH. Works fine now. but see below after the upgrade

 Anything special needed to help you maintain AsciiO on Camelbox?
I can't think of anything at the moment that would help with
maintaining this.  How about less dependencies? ;)
Unlikely (except some testing dependencies maybe). I'm from the "re-use" 
school. Shouldn't we all be? Nothing make me laugh more than module 
boasting "uses no non-core modules". well _that_ module would be one non-core 

An upgrade would basically involve downloading the source and then
running 'dmake; dmake install'.
installed with Module::Build. it works with the exception of a test failure as 
lunix gtk gnerates a "asked to lazy-load Data::TreeDumper::Renderer::GTK, but 
that package is not registered..." warning that camelbox don't generate.

Also the bat file stopped working. the problem is that there is nothing to 
work with just a very brief flashing window. works fine when I run the script 
Is there any reason why I can't have CPAN do all of the dirty work of
downloading and installing the application?

When I do a modules regex in CPAN shell, App::Asciio does not show up.
Possibly because it's a developer's release. I'm working on next release which 
will not be marked as a developer one.

 Would it be possible to know what went wrong with PAR?
PAR::Packer did not capture all of the dependencies correctly, so when
I run the executable file, I get errors in the console window.
This happends quite often. The trick is to add the dependencies by hand. With 
AsciiO running in windows, I will try to find all those dependencies and 
generating an exe. What was the PAR command you used?

 I wonder if there is redundancy between Strawberry and Camelbox?
Yes, there is redundancy, but I'm not inclined to change anything
right this second.  However, I do want to see if I can adapt my
installer to drop my Gtk2-Perl packages on top of a Strawberry Perl
Adam, I believe that, for the sake of Chocolate and all windows perl 
developers sanity, you should push for this. It would be a great addition to 
the Fruit-perl distribution family. Could you take control of this activity? 
I'm a total noob in this windows-perl thingy but I will test at your will (as 
lon as it's in windows XP for which I have a licence).

Cheers, Nadim.

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