Re: Release: Camelbox 2008.120.0145Z

On Tue, Apr 29, 2008 at 1:16 AM, nadim khemir <nadim khemir net> wrote:
 I got a Windows XP running in a virtual box so I could give a try to camelbox.
 The install looked very professional. The install time is ok for a development
 environment but a tad long if one was to install a single application.

A binary created with PAR::Packer would not take as long to install,
this is true.  You may not need to perform a full install to get
Asciio going, probably installing Perl, Core GTK, and the Asciio
packages would be enough.  Try a fresh Camelbox install using the
install option labeled "Perl with Core GTK Binaries" (it's in the
dropdown box above all of the packages).

 Thank you for bundling AsciiO. I noticed a few things:

 There is no output window. Normally debug output is displayed on the terminal
 that started AsciiO. The output helps a lot during development.

I switched 'perl.exe' with 'wperl.exe' in your batch file.
'wperl.exe' suppresses the text window that pops up with Perl in
Windows.  Switch it back in your batch file if you want.  Were you to
create Windows shortcuts for end-users, you would probably want create
a shortcut to the 'wperl.exe' binary and specify the asciio script as
it's argument, and that way the end user is not bothered by the (most
likely) unused text window.

 If I put the bat file on my desktop, the application doesn't start. a black
 window flashes an that's all.

Probably a path missing somewhere in your batch file.  Absolute paths
are good things to have if you move the batch file out of your %PATH%.

 Anything special needed to help you maintain AsciiO on Camelbox? How do the
 end users update AsciiO when I make a new release (new release comming soon)?

I can't think of anything at the moment that would help with
maintaining this.  How about less dependencies? ;)

An upgrade would basically involve downloading the source and then
running 'dmake; dmake install'.

Is there any reason why I can't have CPAN do all of the dirty work of
downloading and installing the application?  When I do a modules regex
search inside the CPAN shell, App::Asciio does not show up.

 Would it be possible to know what went wrong with PAR?

PAR::Packer did not capture all of the dependencies correctly, so when
I run the executable file, I get errors in the console window.  I
didn't spend that much time on it, creating a separate package that
ran on top of Camelbox was the quicker way to satisfy your (multiple)

 Finally, I wonder if there is redundancy between Strawberry and Camelbox?

Yes, there is redundancy, but I'm not inclined to change anything
right this second.  However, I do want to see if I can adapt my
installer to drop my Gtk2-Perl packages on top of a Strawberry Perl



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