Re: Problem with global destruction

Ari Jolma kirjoitti:
hmm, I updated to the latest (2.12.11) libgobject-2.0.0.dll from (I was using 2.10.7(?) which is available from

and the problem disappeared...
This was only a temporary relief, the problem seems to appear rather randomly (since perl destructs the variables in the end randomly?), but when it appears, it stays. Now I tried with a libgobject-2.0.0.dll that I built from the sources of 2.12.11 and where I added some debugging statements - but I can't reproduce the problem with it. The program works fine, but it does not seem to call the g_signal_has_handler_pending ever.

Anyway, I think I know something about the issue and it is not fatal anyway - just an annoyance and it looks bad in Windows. I'll post this question on the gtk-perl list.


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