Re: Problem with global destruction

Mario Fischer kirjoitti:
That sounds a bit strange. I have already written and tested a lot of 
things under Win32 and never got anything like that.

Could you provide us with the sourcecode that caused the error?

That could be a bit difficult, the whole system is quite large and I get
the error only in mingw environment. I've got the previous versions
available at (~20MB packages including a
complete Perl but not the GTK libraries) but I see the problem with
those very rarely. The problems maybe related to updating Glib and Gtk2
to latest versions (from 1.140 to 1.144).

As I wrote this morning, the dependencywalker software seems to point to
the g_signal_has_handler_pending function in libgobject. I've got a
subclass (created with Glib::Object::Subclass) of Gtk2::ScrolledWindow
in the code and it seems that the error comes only if an object of that
class is created and used. I've defined two new signal types for the object.


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