Re: Problem with global destruction

I wrote:
class is created and used. I've defined two new signal types for the object.

I tried commenting out every line of code which has something to do with signals and it turns out that if I connect the size_allocate signal to a function (this is in sub INIT_INSTANCE of the subclass of Gtk2::ScrolledWindow):

$self->{image}->signal_connect(size_allocate => \&size_allocate, $self);

the problem appears. The $self->{image} is created in the INIT_INSTANCE function and it is never destroyed, in sub render it is set from a new pixmap:


The size_allocate is like this:

sub size_allocate {
   my($image,$allocation,$self) = @_;
   my @old_v = (0,0);
   @old_v = @{$self->{viewport_size}} if $self->{viewport_size};
   my @v = $allocation->values;
   @{$self->{viewport_size}} = @v[2..3];
   $self->render() if $v[2] != $old_v[0] or $v[3] != $old_v[1];
   return 0;


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